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Ma Baker Party Club Berlin: Next Party

The Ma Baker Party Club in Berlin
Every 2 weeks on saturday @ Kalkscheune.

Party, Clubs, Discos, Ma Baker und Berlin Mitte - thats it today!
Ma Baker, the first party in late 1992 was a risky undertaking, had just rolled his second great wave of techno house every morning and evening on the town start. Boney M appeared on the turntable not very promising. Today the club in Berlin cult.
The first parties were held in late 1992 to mid 1993 in the BKA tent (then) held at the Philharmonic. Many know the "Ma Baker" for years as an established institution of Berlin party club scene, "always packed" (Prince 1996). Several Party generations Ma Baker visited Events in Berlin. Despite the frequent change of venues Ma Baker remained faithful lovers of the event and attracted over again at every opportunity in the new meeting rooms. In many districts, such as Charlottenburg, Friedrichshain, Kreuzberg, Neukölln, Schöneberg and Prenzlauer Berg the party crowd was dancing, clubbing and celebrating.

The music @ Ma Baker Club Berlin:

The music of the Ma Baker Club in Berlin is a varied mix of 70s, 80s & 90s Disco Hits Mixed With cutting-edge club sound. From 22h to 24h are mainly disco hits of the 80s und 70s played. The DJs Hilbert and Rolf append these time one some current titles from clubs respectively Charts into music program.
For lovers of old disco dance hits as possible, we recommend starting from 22h to get into the Kalkscheune. The dance floor is usually filled well starting 22:30 and it can be danced to almost 2 hours of pure disco music. Thus, the Party for ü30 well suited for such Ü20 partypeople.
24h from the music mix is ​​becoming increasingly topical. In addition to the disco classic titles also fill Seeed, David Guetta, Rihanna, Black Eyed Peas, Usher, Kalkbrenner, LMFAO, Pitbull or Culcha Candela, but also rock music from Gossip, White Stripes, Heroes del Silencio, Mando Diao, die Ärzte or Fettes Brot the dance floor.

So much time has to be: Ma Baker, the club has grown in the 90s large and known. Boy bands, girl groups, Euro Dance, R & `B`, house and rock from the 90's, and this party will not forget the sound Ma Baker music program. From 24 h including the Backstreet Boys, Dr Alban, Snap and Nirvana are in almost every night to hear under the Ma Baker disco ball.

Built in 1789 Kalkscheune in Berlin with its large open-air area is the ideal location for the Ma Baker Club.

Today the venue Kalkscheune established in Berlin, with its decoration, its many rooms, the modern sound and lighting technology, the professional bar and catering service and suitable to the spacious, but cozy courtyard ideal for Ma Baker's club. It is this beautiful open air area guarantees every season fresh air and can thereby a varied and pleasant atmosphere created to celebrate. The location can be on multiple dance floors dancing or flirting in different rooms. In 2010 the old lime factory converted at the Euro vision live broadcast of the Grand Prix (GP) with Lena as part of the party into a true "cauldron".

Every two weeks on saturday and on special occasions.

Best paint in the calendar (What to do in Berlin?): In the Kalkscheune the party takes place on the weekend every 2 weeks instead of on Saturday.
It also occasionally Ma Baker parties are on other days, eg. Sunday or Tuesday. In 2009, danced on Wednesday before Ascension Day. This year we added a Ma Baker celebrated on Holy Thursday evening, 21 April 2011, before Good Friday or Easter in the Kalkscheune (Diskothek). The next Friday was a holiday and could be used for sleep.
2011 there was also a party in Berlin on Sunday. On Sunday, 02 October 2011, a day before the day of German unity, was celebrated in the Kalkscheune.
On 26 November 2011 we celebrated the 19-year anniversary party Ma Baker.
A month later, on 24 December 2011, was held a Christmas party at the Ma Baker Kalkscheune.

Press: A disco club in Berlin, you must have seen today. (Zitty Guide Magazine 1994)

The success of Ma Baker Club Berlin in the Berlin party scene is still the right mix of oldies by Boney M, Abba and Gloria Gaynor and the latest music.
DJ Hilbert & DJ Rolf mixing 70s-90s disco, the best latest hits on the charts, house, electro, r'n'b, black music, pop and rock, but also unexpected and musical jokes together. If it fits, they meet a lot of musical guests' wishes.
This mixture fills the dance floor and let the special unique atmosphere of the 'Ma Baker' to arise. The two DJs were often booked for other big scene events of the Berlin nightlife, such as the FU Party in Zehlendorf, HU Party in the middle, TU party or HdK / University of the Arts Party in Berlin Charlottenburg, and animated the students to party making.

The Ma Baker Berlin Club was crowned 2003 from Tagesspiegel to best Partyclub of all clubs in Berlin.
Here is the answer to the question: Where are we going today or tomorrow night to celebrate and dance in Berlin? "And the diligent followers pilgrimage today to the Ma Baker club to swing too newest Party Hits and disco beads of the 70s on the dance floor." (City magazine Tip November 2002)

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