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What to do in berlin

What to do in Berlin? Quick summary

What to do in Berlin for 3 days
and on the weekend? What are the upcoming events?

For our visitors here some information, which events there are today and at the weekend in Berlin.

Of course you can also visit the Ma Baker Party at the weekend, watch out for the next shows:

here the exact dates of the Ma Baker Party

Have fun.


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2. Musicals und Shows

3. Concerts Berlin

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5. Clubs Berlin – The best beats of the city

6. Party Berlin – The best music of this time in this city

7. Flohmärkte in Berlin

8. Silvesterpartys Berlin


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What to do in berlin


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If you need the latest Berlin event tips for today or tomorrow, please use these links:

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virtualnights.com/berlin – Today’s nightlife – up to date, modern prepared for young people, with many photos.

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What to do in berlin


Museums in Berlin: History in the Capital

Over 175 museums bring old and young history to life. Berlin is an exhibition venue for world-famous art treasures such as the bust of Nefertiti. The metropolis is home to the Pergamon Altar. Other locations tell the amazing story of the new capital. The fall of the Berlin Wall, division and technologies are topics that are dealt with in the permanent exhibitions. Tourists and locals experience history that comes to life in the museums. Two museum tips that people in Berlin should not miss!

Pergamonmuseum: World famous treasures from antiquity

The famous museum island of the capital, which is located between Alexanderplatz and the boulevard Unter den Linden, is the location of various museums, all of which are worth a visit. A highlight is the traditional Pergamon Museum, whose origins can be traced back to the year 1897. The museum houses the world-famous Pergamon Altar discovered by Carl Humann. Further collections illuminate antiquity. Finally, visitors can admire numerous exhibits that were created in ancient times in the Near East. Hetitic, Sumerian or Babylonian art is presented. The building currently houses the Museum of the Ancient Near East and the Museum of Islamic Art.
Webseite Pergamonmuseum

New Nationalgalerie: Moderne Kunst im Kunstwerk

At the Kulturforum Berlin, not far from the world-famous Potsdamer Platz, is the Neue Nationalgalerie. The museum, which displays 20th century art in an impressive setting, is housed in an impressive building designed by the world-famous architect Mies van der Rohe. Already at the time of its opening in 1968, the building became an architectural icon of Classical Modernism. Famous works of art from this decade can be seen inside the special building, which impresses with its unusual architecture. The pure presentation of German art is complemented by special exhibitions that can be seen in the Glass Pavilion.
Webseite Neue Nationalgalerie

Swimming pools: paddling in Berlin

summertime, bath time. Today, Berliners don’t always drive to the famous Wannsee, which is sung about in pop songs and hits. Many locals visit fun pools and swimming pools located in the districts of the metropolis. In baths, which often have a history rich in tradition, people enjoy the refreshing water. Here originals from Kreuzberg meet business people from Charlottenburg. Tourists are welcome in the baths. We reveal in which central bathing establishments of the city visitors and locals enjoy the relaxing masses of water.

City bath Schöneberg: Bathing fun in the bathing landscape

All families can enjoy the city bath Schöneberg enormously. Sport and entertainment are provided in the bright and friendly bathroom. A 25-metre pool is available for users. Non-swimmers and a small children’s pool, which is equipped with a slide, ensure fun for young visitors. An outdoor swimming pool and a 53-metre-long water slide delight teenagers and adults alike. In a brine pool, which offers temperatures of 32 degrees Celsius, all visitors find additional relaxation.
Website Stadtbad Schöneberg

Stadtbad Mitte: Historical bath with a lot of flair

The Stadtbad Mitte is visited not only by passionate water sports enthusiasts, but also by nostalgics. Finally, the listed swimming pool, nicknamed „James Simon“, is certainly worth a visit. The swimming pool, also known under the name Stadtbad Gartenstraße, was already opened in 1930 as the „Volksbadeanstalt“. Even then, the 50-metre pool was used to swim long lanes. People still swim under the glass roof today when they visit the bright and spacious swimming pool. A further note: on the upper floor there is a retro sauna, which is also enchanting because of its classic simplicity.
Webseite Stadtbad Mitte

Flea markets: Treasures at fantastic prices

Berlin is not only the city of museums, where ancient treasures are stored, but also of flea markets, where rarities, books or clothes are sold at reasonable prices. Basically, the flea markets of the city have their own flair. Those who want to experience the real Berlin should not miss a visit to certain markets. Tourists and locals stroll between the stands. Culinary specialities taste good on the palate, while other stands negotiate prices. With a little luck and skill, visitors to the city will find a unique bargain that is a lasting memory.

Mauerpark Fleamarkt: Art and used in the border area

The visit to the flea market at Mauerpark, located on the border between the scene districts of Wedding and Prenzlauer Berg, is part of the weekend program for many Berliners and tourists. Every Sunday people go on a search to find treasures and bargains. Many sellers are private individuals, so that students, artists and local residents offer their goods. In addition to used fashion and jewellery, musical instruments, records and decorative items are sold. Snack stands entice with snacks and drinks.
Webseite Mauerpark Flahmarkt

Trodel- und Kunstmarkt Straße. June: Antiques at the Prachtallee

At the S-Bahn station Tiergarten tourists and locals stroll over a huge area where one of the biggest flea markets of the capital is located. From 1973 the market developed, which developed a long tradition.
People from all over the world visit the site on the huge 17th of June Street to admire the charming merchant originals and their goods. They sometimes sell junk, often art and rarely antiques. Furniture and books are offered at stalls. Fabrics, jewellery and dolls sold by merchants. Records and CDs attract the public every Saturday and Sunday.

website flea market 17.June

Musicals: Unforgettable experiences in Berlin

As a form of music theatre that has a long tradition in Berlin, musicals have had their place in the capital for many decades. The mixture of acting, music and singing inspires locals and tourists. An elaborate staging of the shows, which sometimes come from Broadway to Berlin, contributes to the entertainment. Love, hatred and jealousy are motifs that are often to be seen. Witty, emotional and touching moments, created in impressive settings, make musicals a highlight in Berlin.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Disney’s Version as Musical

Disney produced the 1996 global hit „The Hunchback of Notre Dame“, which told the dramatic love story between the hunchbacked Quasimodo and the beautiful Esmeralda in cartoon format. The musical, which will be performed in the Theater des Westens from November 2017, was created on the trail of the film. Emotional music is the supporting element of the musical, which was written by author Peter Parnel. New songs by Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz, intoned by a 24-piece choir, will contribute to the enthusiasm of the audience.
website Hunchback by Notre Dame Musical

Blue Man Group: Entertaiment for international visitors

before this musical was shown in Boston, Chicago and New York. The Blue Man Group has been thrilling audiences in the German capital since 2014. There they present their breathtaking show, to which driving rhythms belong. The BLUEMAX Theater presents a special combination that mixes concert, comedy and effects. The actors manage without language. Instead, the blue gentlemen communicate through facial expressions, gestures and music. Ideal for international guests who don’t speak German. and their hosts who want to enjoy a show together.
Webseite Blue Man Group Berlin

City tours – Sightseeing – getting to know Berlin by bus

A city tour by bus through Berlin is the ideal way to get to know the city quickly and comfortably. Either you want to get to the biggest sights of Berlin or visit special destinations, with a city tour everything is possible. Interested passengers can simply select and book their trip through Berlin online. You can get on at numerous stops and get off at any time. A Berlin city tour can become an event with the Comedybus. Thus the assertion that a sightseeing tour is boring is refuted. Even a Segway Tour is anything but boring. You get to know Berlin from a whole new perspective!

Segwaytours to the unknown and yet worth seeing places of the capital!

Segwaytours are versatile. You can experience the city with its many interesting sights in 2.5 hours! A direct, personal tour support is included! The guides know Berlin and its history. They give the guests tips and are available for questions.
The big round tour through the centre of Berlin with its highlights from Checkpoint Charlie via the Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building and the Federal Chancellery to the German Cathedral. Experience with the Segway on the tour many great views and insights on German history. With Segway you can take part in various tours. In winter a winter special is possible. Or you can experience Berlin by Night!

Webseite Segwaytour

With fun through the capital in the Comedy Bus!

Experience Berlin with the Comedy Bus. The bus tours always take place on Fridays and Saturdays at 6 p.m. and 8.30 p.m.. A city tour with the ComedyBus is always a unique experience in Berlin! Tickets can be booked online or simply booked by telephone. Your tour guides in the ComedyBus are well-known stage artists who lead through Berlin and bring the guests closer to the city with wit and humour.
Website Comedy Bus

In improtheatre the stage artists experience their spontaneous side!

In improv theatre the plot is improvised: The actors spontaneously play one or more scenes that have not been staged before and have not been practiced. Usually the actors are given the theme by the audience.
A theatre that celebrates its premiere every day, so to speak. The audience not only gives impulses, but also participates in the events on stage. The actor is actor, director, dramaturge and stage designer in one person. Humour and wit result from the situation comedy, so that the play becomes a unique experience.

Learn the art of improvisation at the Gorilla-Impro-School!

In real life we improvise daily and hardly notice it. But if you’re supposed to improvise on stage, you’ll notice very quickly that it’s hard work. The ensemble of the Gorillas Impro School loves the art of improvisation, it appreciates the exchange with the audience. Everyone can learn the game according to the ideas of the audience here. Improvisation theatre is immediate, lively and surprising. In any case, it is unique.
website Gorillas

Theatersport Berlin at the BKA inspires its audiences for theatre!

Here you can find the finest improvised theatre sport. The theatre stage becomes an arena. The presenter as referee punishes the fouls. The audience is the director and after several eventful rounds chooses the daily form of the players. Theatre sport pure – the unique spectacle – performed by the masters of improvisation. Long ago the improvising actors and the musicians of the Theatersport Berlin fan block formed themselves around the improvising actors and musicians, who cheer on the two teams and elicit the boldest scenes from them with interesting suggestions.
Website Theatersport Berlin

Let your soul dangle in scene bookstores!

reading is for many the most beautiful hobby ever. Diving into strange fantasy worlds, experiencing new things and being fascinated by artistic pictures is wonderful! Berlin is very versatile for bookworms. A number of bookshops invite you to browse. From the cosy Kiezbuchladen up to the stylish scene bookstore everything is available which can inspire a reader! From the scene bookstore up to the bar with book sale everything is present! Reading is a pleasure at any age!

Einar and Bert Theaterbuchhandlung with flair!

The Einar & Berlin is a particularly beautiful bookshop located in Prenzlauer Berg. It is both a venue for events and a cosy café. Reading an exciting book with fresh coffee and homemade cake is a real pleasure. The range of books on offer, with a focus on theatre, ranges from books on music and art to crime thrillers and travel guides. The range also includes fiction and books for children and young people. DVDs, CDs and vinyls are also available!
In the bookshop Einar & Bert classical and scenic readings take place once a week, book premieres are presented along with small concerts on the outskirts. For the participation programmings are taken over.
Website Einar and Bert Theater bookshop

Book sheet at Savigny Square

In the book sheet at Savigny Square architecture and art from architecture and art from Savigny Square.
The book sheet at Savignyplatz has existed since 1980. It is a specialist bookshop for architecture and art. The bookshop is located in the centre of the book mile in Knesebeckstrasse in western Berlin. Here you will find an international assortment from the fields of architecture, photography, art and design. The entrance area (Stadtbahnbogen 593) houses an art department. Monographs of the artists in the fields of art and photography as well as corresponding exhibition catalogues await customers here. The assortment is supplemented by art theoretical treatises. The reader interested in art will find here everything that makes his heart beat faster!
website book sheet at Savigny Platz

Bars overlooking Berlin

celebrate with style over the rooftops of Berlin!

Berlin from above, it’s worth to be able to see the terraces of the bars at lofty heights. Drinking a beer here, enjoying a coffee on the banks of the Spree or a glass of wine with the Brandenburg Gate is all possible. Berlin’s restaurateurs have come to places that offer a wide view of the roofs of the capital. In the bars at lofty heights you can party wonderfully and also organize business lunches.

Monkey Bar

The Monkey Bar convinces with its panoramic view!
The floor for the Monkey Bar was simply placed on the listed bikini house and got a surrounding roof terrace from which a sensational view of the memorial church can be enjoyed. Under the Monkey Bar the guest will find the Hotel 25hours Bikini Berlin, where he can sleep in his intoxication.
inside the Monkey Bar not only convinces with its panoramic view through a floor-deep glass front, but also has many lovingly selected design details.
Webseite Monkey Bar

Solar Sky-lounge & Restaurant

first eat stylishly then until dawn to celebrate with a party until dawn.
The Solar is a trendy bar and a good restaurant high above Berlin, offering its guests a great panoramic view. The super chic Solar Restaurant, like the Club, is located on the 17th floor of a skyscraper opposite the Anhalter train station. Above Berlin, a guest can enjoy a dinner and various drinks here. Many celebrities have already been guests here. With an unbelievable view the Haute Cuisin of Jon Kremin and his team enjoy is worth every effort! But there are also down-to-earth dishes such as Wiener Schnitzel with lukewarm potato-cucumber salad. The Solar Sky-lounge & Restaurant should not be missed by Berlin visitors!
website Solar Sky Lounge

Bars in luxury hotel

Berlin is a cosmopolitan city and an important political centre in Europe. Berlin is also known for an exciting cultural scene, science is at home here and new ideas are tried out and lived. The nightlife in this city is correspondingly active. This also includes the numerous bars, which are one of the many attractions of Berlin’s nightlife. Perhaps a little surprising, but there are excellent bars in Berlin’s luxury hotels that are worth a visit at any time.

Vox Bar at the Grand Hyatt Hotel
The Vox Bar is directly at Potsdamer Platz, has elegant lounge chairs, dark parquet flooring and on the walls hang collages of black and white photos of famous jazz legends. The Vox Bar is particularly famous for its incredible selection of whiskies from all over the world and the Smoker Lounge, where cigars from Cuba and the Dominican Republic are stored in its humidor. Live DJ entertainment from vinyl records and on weekends analog music from young Berliners from the music scene provide authentic entertainment.
Website Vox Bar

Harry’s New-York Bar at the Sheraton Berlin Grand Hotel Esplanade
Harry’s New-York Bar or HNYBar is known far beyond Berlin. The typical ambiance, the long bar with bar stools, is combined to a continuous and harmonious overall concept. The matching good music and over 100 drinks make an evening in the bar unforgettable. Live jazz on the piano and one of the popular cocktails will help you make contact with other guests from all over the world at the bar.
Website Harry’s New York Bar Esplanade

[sta_anchor id=“nightlife“ /]Nightlife World famous electro clubs invite you to listen and party!

What to do in berlin

Berlin forms an inseparable couple with electronic music.

All party-goers who move out to the German capital, where there is a unique party atmosphere, know this. In the clubs of Berlin, you can celebrate for a long time, here the celebrities tap to the beats of the music.

Some of the best clubs in the world are located in Berlin and are often visited by illustrious audiences!


Click here for our detailed Club & Nightlife Guide:


Berghain – The Club with World Reputation!

The Berghain is one of the best clubs in the world. Celebrities like André Galluzi or Ben Klock play here. The sound here is impressive. A unique atmosphere is achieved with the help of the lights and light effects. A always good lineup and a loose, colourful mixed audience are characteristic for the Berghain. The huge colourful and very loud world stretches over three floors, which can’t be found a second time in the capital.
Webseite Berghain

Watergate the club where you can discover exciting things!

On two floors there are not only musically exciting things to discover at Watergate! Personalities like Aka Aka, Sascha Funke and many others can be welcomed here. The panoramic view of the Spree and its Oberbaum Bridge is worth a visit and an experience in Watergate. It is always full to bursting here. A crazy lineup with well-known DJ greats has promoted the club internationally to the dance temple of the world.
website Watergate

Open Air Clubs

In Berlin you can party in cool open-air clubs under the open sky until the morning in summer. The great thing is that many open air party venues are located right by the water and also offer the opportunity to chill in the sun during the day. Street food stands and lounges provide the necessary energy to be ready for the next party night. With the right setting, the party can last several days.

Kater Blau Open Air Club
The KaterBlau Open Air Club in Friedrichshain, on the Spree, is a Bar25 successor. Under open skies to electro music from Saturday to Monday non-stop can be celebrated. The confetti rain is one of them. Djs play a wide range of house and techno music, from unknown artists to international greats. In the neighbourhood there is the Fame Restaurant and the beach bar Pampa. The entrance is strictly controlled, so the entrance can go slowly.
Hangover Blue

Sisyphos Open Air Club
The Open Air Club Sisyphos is located in the district Lichtenberg at the Rummelsburger Bucht. In the Sisyphos one celebrates for days, electronic music belongs and Pfeffi Schnaps drinks. The club has an indoor floor with a strong sound system, but in the summer the crowd goes wild. The large outdoor area, between the ruins of a dog biscuit factory, has a sandy floor so you can dance barefoot. The weekend is particularly popular, it can be celebrated with an entrance fee from Friday to Monday through.
Website Sisyphos Berlin

After Work Parties

In Berlin after work parties are offered for the leisure hungry citizens in many clubs and discotheques. It concerns here late afternoon and/or early evening meetings. The Dresscode of the Partygänger is usually casual business clothes. Cocktails and plenty of alcohol flow here already in streams. For the physical well-being in form of Snacks is likewise provided on these meetings. Here are two outstanding tips:

The Pearl
The After Work Party in the citizen of Berlin club The Pearl in the Fasanenstrasse – corner Kantstrasse represents starting from 18 o’clock for many working ones the prelude of a wonderful party weekend. The drinks are available in the club at a fair price. Happy Hour is in the time from 18 to 21 o’clock. Then there are drinks at half price and finger food is free. If the weather is fine, you can also celebrate on the terrace by the waterfall.
Website The Pearl/

Far Out
The After Work Party at Far Out am Lehniner Platz is an Ü30 party for adults. The music, which is played here, is colorfully mixed, but very current. Songs from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s are played here. On the days when the After Work Party is on, you can dance and celebrate in the club until the morning. The club is easily accessible by public transport.
Website Far Out

Currywurst stalls

The right Currywurst is only available in Berlin. Everyone eats it, whether celebrities, artists or construction workers. It is eaten after work on the way home or after the opera. Everyone is the same at the Currywurstbude. The Currywurst sauce was developed 1949 Herta Heuwer and registered on 21.1.1959 in the patent office. At almost the same time the original Berliner Currywurst was invented. Since then the Currywurst and the numerous Currywurst stalls have been an integral part of Berlin.

Curry 36
Curry 36 is available in Kreuzberg and at the Bahnhof Zoo and is a well known and popular snack in Berlin. Curry 36 has achieved cult status in Berlin. Beside the traditional Currywurst with the original Curry 36 Ketchup, there is everything there what in a good Currywurstbude to eat gives. For example, the typical Berliner Buletten, French fries and bockwurst and much more. Curry 36 is represented with some products even in supermarkets.
Website Curry36

Konnopke’s snack bar
Konnopke’s snack bar is located at Prenzlauer Berg and is the oldest snack bar in Berlin. Konnopke’s snack bar was founded in 1930 by Max Konnopke and then continued by Konnopke’s daughter Waldtraut. The Currywurstbude, also privately run during the GDR era, was a popular meeting place in the neighbourhood. After the renovation of the stall and the reopening in retro look in 2011, the performance of the snack was handed over to Konopka’s granddaughter in 2012.
Website Konnopke Imbiss

Wine Shops – A good drop for epicures

Berlin is a world metropolis where even the highest demands are met. This can also be seen in the wine shops of the city, where private wine lovers shop as well as the leading gastronomes of the city. Excellent wines from all over the world are on offer and there is often the opportunity to taste them. Of course, the best champagne brands worthy of a special event are also offered in the Berlin wine shops. Last but not least, browsing is a pleasure and customers often find unknown brands that stand out for their outstanding quality.

To visit the Wein und Glas Compagnie
The Wein und Glas Compagnie is located on Prinzregentenstraße not far from Prager Platz. In this interesting wine shop, the owners specialise in quality goods that have retained their individual character and thus stand out strongly from mass-produced wines. At various events that take place throughout the year, visitors can participate in tastings and get to know excellent wines from different winegrowers in Germany and abroad.
website Wine and Glass

More than just a wine shop: Planet Wein
Mitte in the heart of Berlin, customers at Gendarmenmarkt at Plante Wein will find exactly the right wine for every taste and for every purse. Many international rarities are offered as well as normal table wines. Every day a different wine is available for tasting and numerous delicatessen items are offered. The cosy vinotheque is particularly popular with those who love the Berlins. In comfortable armchairs a break with the city stroll can be enjoyed optimally with glass wine, a view into relevant technical literature or when using the WLAN Internet.
Website Planet wine trade

Hidden culture sites

The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Museum Island are just a few of Berlin’s much visited and well-known attractions. But Berlin has much more to offer. There are many hidden cultural places worth visiting. They show the diversity of the cosmopolitan city of Berlin in an impressive way. They have the additional advantage that they are less crowded. A voyage of discovery through the hidden cultural sites opens up further surprising facets of Berlin’s history.

Berliner Unterwelten
The exploration of the underworld opens the visitor a new world under the streets of Berlin. Long forgotten and mysterious traffic installations, bunkers and the Berliner Rohrpost, for 111 years the communication link under the city, bear witness to Berlin’s long history. If you’ve always wanted to see this and know what the ghost train station Oraninenburg, the Volkspark Humboldhain and the Gasometer look like from below, you can experience all this during one of the regular guided tours.
Website Berliner Unterwelten

Brandenburger Tor Museum
The Brandenburg Gate is not only Berlin’s landmark, but also testifies to the city’s more than 300-year history. In a multimedia presentation, the Brandenburger Tor Museum shows the history of Berlin with a focus on the Brandenburg Gate since 1650. Impressive emotions and little text show the history in time-lapse. In a U-shaped room with a panoramic view, the film shows pictures from the Empire, the two world wars, the fall of the Wall and, of course, the World Cup summer fairy tale in twenty minutes. But also the revolution of 1848 and the Weimar Republic are shown.
Website Brandenburgertor Museum

Berlin: Sights from History to Modernity

The German capital Berlin also has a lot to offer its visitors on weekends. In every part of the city there are fascinating sights that provide information about the eventful history of more than 700 years. But Berlin is also a modern city with many interesting examples of contemporary architecture. A stroll through the streets of Berlin reveals a harmonious combination of past and present that gives the German capital its very special character.

The Brandenburg Gate – Berlin’s landmark

On a trip to Berlin, a visit to the Brandenburg Gate is, so to speak, a must. The Brandenburg Gate was built between 1788 and 1791 from sandstone. The creation of Gotthard Langhans belongs to the most important representatives of classicism in Germany and was commissioned by King Frederick William II to create a crowning finale for the magnificent avenue „Unter den Linden“.
Wikipedia Brandenburg Gate

Visit to the highest building in Germany : The Berlin TV Tower

Just like the Brandenburg Gate, the television tower on Alexanderplatz is a striking landmark of the capital city. At 368 metres, the tower, completed in 1969, is the tallest building in Germany. From the restaurant in the ball of the tower, visitors can enjoy a fascinating panoramic view of Berlin at a height of 203 metres, one that no traveler should miss.

Website Berlin Television Tower at Alexanderplatz Wikipedia Alexanderplatz

Colourful life at Berlin’s weekly markets

Weekly markets take place throughout the week in the individual districts of Berlin. The Berliners are proud to say about their markets: „There is nothing here that doesn’t exist.“ While the street markets mainly offer fresh produce, the Berlin market halls are also known for their wide range of household articles of every kind. In any case, a visit is worthwhile to get to know real Berlin flair.

International atmosphere at the Neuköllner weekly market at the Maybachufer

A visit to the weekly market on the banks of the Maybach seems like a trip around the world. From fresh fruit from Africa to high-quality organic products from the Brandenburg region, you can easily find everything there. What gives this weekly market its very special character, however, is the oriental bazaar, which connoisseurs call the largest in Berlin. The bright and colourful colours of the goods combine with the scents of oriental spices to create an exotic experience that is second to none.
Website weekly market at the Maybachufer

Between flowers and feasts at the weekly and eco-market at Boxhagener Platz

Saturday is market day at the Boxhagener Platz. Here, too, the range exceeds expectations, but mainly with local products. Fresh baked goods find their place next to freshly harvested vegetables and flowers shine everywhere in the most beautiful colours. The bewitching smell of bratwurst invites hungry people to a snack and if you feel like it, you can also browse through a selection of old books and records.
Website weekly and ecomarket at Boxhagener Platz


Enjoy nature in Berlin’s Zoological Gardens

In addition to the famous zoo in the City West, Berlin also offers several other opportunities to get to know animals in a beautiful natural environment and to escape a few hours from the hustle and bustle of the city. These small oases of peace in the big city and are appreciated by visitors to the city and locals alike. From the Pfaueninsel to the Aquarium, there is something unique to see in Berlin that also inspires young visitors.

An oasis of peace in the city – The Zoological Garden

The Berlin Zoo is the oldest in Germany and today has more than 18,000 animals living on an area of about 33 hectares. The aquarium in the park makes Berlin Zoo one of the most interesting zoos in the world today. During feeding and guided tours, visitors experience the 1400 species that live in the zoo up close and learn a lot about their way of life.
Website Zoological Garden

Tierpark Berlin-Friedrichsfelde – Landscape animal garden on castle grounds

Around the castle Friedrichsfelde there is an extensive zoo, which is home to 8700 animals. Elephants, giraffes and tank rhinos can be admired in the zoo as well as polar bears and penguins. A special fun is a guided Segway tour through the zoo, on which visitors learn a lot about the animals living in the park.
Website Tierpark Berlin


Shopping center: Shopping in the metropolis

Travelers from faraway countries fly to Berlin to consume the latest fashion, modern technology or exotic specialities. Jewellers and boutiques can be found on the boulevard of the old West Berlin, the Kudamm. In other parts of the city there are small Second-Hand shops offering modern styles at reasonable prices. Meanwhile, larger shops and small stalls can be found in the shopping temples that have been built in the city’s central locations in recent years. We reveal where you can first admire a variety of products from different areas – and then purchase them.

Mall of Berlin: From fashion articles to food specialities

In the heart of the capital is the LP12 Mall of Berlin, also known as Leipziger Platz Quartier. The covered pedestrian passage, which also consists of high arcades, was built from 2011. Today it is not only the location of about 270 shops, but also the home of culinary specialists who run restaurants. They offer their specialities in the gigantic gastronomy area called the „Food Court“. If you are not shopping or enjoying delicacies, you can stroll across the grounds. Walkers look out onto the Federal Council, which is a landmark of the metropolis.
Website Mall of Berlin

Bikini Berlin: Shopping in the Retro Building

The Zoological Building houses a listed ensemble of buildings erected in the 1950s. In addition to the palace cinema and a hotel, the shopping centre „Bikini Berlin“ is also one of the buildings. After a comprehensive restoration of the building, visitors stroll through approximately 17,000 square meters of retail space used by retailers and restaurants. Three floors invite to shopping. Boutiques. Sports brands like Adidas or fashion labels like American Vintage offer their products. Shoe and sports shops enrich the offer. Technology is also sold. Afterwards a visit to the panorama window is worthwhile, through which a view of the monkey rock is thrown. The green roof terrace, which measures 7,000 square metres, offers a view of the entire Berlin Zoo.
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Cinemas in Berlin

Film and cinema were important industries in Berlin from an early age. The first film studios already existed here in the 1910s. And everything that has rank and reputation in the German cinema world is still to be found in Berlin when the Berlinale is held once a year. Even today, the city still has a large variety of cinemas. The Cinema Compendium gives an outstanding impression of all Berlin cinemas, even unknown theatres are presented.  Here is a small selection from us – sometimes nostalgic and historic, sometimes modern:

Zoo Palast – The cinema is back

The Zoo Palast cinema in the Hardenbergstraße in the district Charlottenburg was opened before the 1st World War. After its almost complete destruction in a bomb after 1943, the cinema was rebuilt in the 1950s and strongly expanded in the following decades. After a three-year conversion period, the Zoo Palast
was reopened in 2013. Today the cinema has a capacity of 1700 seats and has since been the scene of numerous German cinema premieres. The curtain does not simply open here, the opening of the curtain is celebrated in the Zoo Palast, which alone is reminiscent of the good old cinema time.
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Cinemaxx at Potsdamer Platz with vouchers Experience the cinema

Centrally located at Potsdamer Platz is Cinemaxx Berlin’s „cinema of superlatives“. In 19 cinemas there is room for about 3500 people. Up to 52 films per day are shown here. First-class technology, including Maxximum 3D and Maxximum Sound, turns a visit to the cinema into a listening and viewing experience. The Cinemaxx at Potsdamer Platz also offers live broadcasts of music and sports events. The cinema also scores with gift vouchers.
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You can find the current cinema program at Tip Berlin or at kino.de.

Beach baths – cooling down in the heat of the city

Where do the Berliners spend their leisure time in summer and where do the tourists go – into nature. And Berlin has plenty to offer, right in the middle of the city. The „green lung“ of the city also includes bathing beaches. Today, they represent a not inconsiderable proportion of the leisure activities that Berliners and tourists alike can enjoy. Where the soul can dangle – here are two tips:

Strandbad Wannsee – beach baskets, giant slide, boat rental & sandy beach

The Strandbad Wannsee is located in the Steglitz-Zehlendorf district, in the far west of Berlin. Surrounded by a series of canals and a lot of forest, the Wannsee is Berlin’s most famous lido. The connection to the public transport network is optimal. The Strandbad Wannsee has a 1275 m sandy beach and a nudist area. Beach chairs and beach chairs can be rented there. Water slide and diving platform provide a lot of fun in the lido. At the end of the lido there is a boat rental. The beach and the water area are monitored.
Also ideal for smaller children, as it takes a long time for the water to become deep.


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Lido Weißensee

The lido Weißensee is situated in the middle of the park of the Weißen See. The lido in the Berliner Allee was closed for a long time. A theatre scientist has leased, renovated and reopened the outdoor swimming pool. The organisers gave the lido its former glory back. Today, the lido is a place of culture and of being together of young and old. In addition to concerts, classes such as yoga are also offered directly on the beach.
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A delightful treat for sweet toothers in Berlin candy shops


Berlin has its own food culture and sweets are part of it. From Berlin bears made of chocolate or real Berlin sweets such as woodruff leaves or block malt, which are still made today according to traditional recipes. The real Berlin sweets are a nice souvenir of your trip to Berlin and also a nice gift idea. Of course, a stroll through the numerous sweets shops is also fun, where the various specialities are presented.

Treasure hunting at the Naschpirat

The Bautzener Straße in Schöneberg is a paradise for lovers of fruit gums. In the Naschpirat fruit jelly treasure is a huge selection of this sweet available. It is particularly interesting that customers can put together their own mix and thus have the opportunity to choose a little of everything their heart desires. The Naschpirat theme bag is also very popular as a gift and souvenir.
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Sweetness workshop – a café for connoisseurs

Anyone who loves selected patisserie should not miss a visit to the Süße workshop on Hausmannstrasse in Berlin. Already the sight of the small tartlets, which are artistically decorated, makes the water in the mouth run together. First-class, handmade pralines are also available in the café, made using only the best natural ingredients. Other homemade sweets include jams and funny chocolate lollies.
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Karaoke Bars Berlin


Karaoke is not only one of the favourite leisure activities of the people in Japan. Karaoke also has a large fan base in Germany and especially in Berlin. The re-trolling of well-known songs in bars is part of the Berliners‘ attitude to life today. After work, young and old meet with friends in the bar and find pure relaxation while listening to the sung songs and singing their own songs. Here’s two karaoke bars where „the mail goes out.“

Segway tours to the unknown and yet worth seeing places of the capital!

The Green Mango Bar in the Bülowstraße is Europe’s biggest Karaoke and Experience Bar. The operators started a good decade ago with the smallest karaoke bar in the world on 50 m². The current restaurant has an area of 670 m² and is easily accessible by public transport. The Green Mango is open daily except Mondays from 19.30 o’clock. A selection of 150,000 karaoke songs in 24 languages is available to the guest.
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Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke – the Karaoke Monster!

The monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke in Warsaw Street attracts a wide audience. The selection of songs is huge. The bar consists of several karaoke boxes with separees. Groups of up to 16 people fit into these karaoke boxes. It is also possible to play football and billiards in the bar. Admission to this bar is only permitted from the age of 21.
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